Coach Jeff Grant's Weekly Digest: Issue #5

I'm excited about this week's edition, as it includes a few very insightful learning moments. I hope

Coach Jeff Grant

February 11 · Issue #5 · View online
My digest is a collection of inspirational and instructional resources I find interesting and wish to share, including my latest content. To save you time, I pen a quick preview & highlight the key parts to check out.

I’m excited about this week’s edition, as it includes a few very insightful learning moments. I hope you find value and helpful insights as well! During the past week, I’ve received very nice hello notes from newsletter subscribers…this always makes me day. Thank you! 

Please keep in touch and let me know which articles you like and what goals you’re chasing down this year. I’ll cheer you on.

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Personal Update
What a week it’s been! I learned on Monday that the credit card processing part of the direct sales system for my book has been broken for the past month – it wouldn’t allow a single sale, yet never gave an error message. As a self-published author struggling to break through, this gutted me! Two days of work later and all was again in order, but the experience reinforced that when you get knocked down, you have to fight to stand back up, every time! I often remind myself of the sign I hung at the entrance to the training center I built: “Never Easy, Always Worth It!” The Never Easy times in life build resilience, so bring it on!

I managed to turn that frustration into a great 3-hour run and spent a little extra time on music during the week to balance it all out. My comeback training continues – I’m still slow, but starting to get a little speed back and am enjoying the adventure time.

Wishing you the best wherever you are in the world!

Running between Rapperswil and Pfäffikon in Switzerland
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